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Quality is our middle name.

Here at Express Translation, we treat our clients’ projects and translation requirements as our very own. We value our clients’ work and handle it with utmost competence and professionalism to ensure quality and consistency in the deliveries across. We also value feedback on any areas of improvements – be it in terms of the translation quality or workflow/ process improvements and efficiency, and we will take the necessary corrective actions and improvement steps/ plans in place to better ourselves and our providence of services across to all clients, to a level of excellence and beyond.

In ensuring quality, we have established a proofreading and copyediting internal process for all of our translation work deliveries. This means that after the assigned translator for the project has delivered his/ her linguistic work, we will share it across with another independent resource for proofreading verification, and to offer a third person’s perspective on the work and choice of words used or made. An internal quality assurance team personnel will then vet through all work to ensure accuracy and completeness, before our first deliveries to the clients. (Please note that this is an internal process, and all communications between our assigned translators, proofreaders and internal quality assurance team personnel will be handled internally. The time and efforts spent will be taken into consideration during the stipulated timeline shared with the clients, and will not affect/ jeopardise the project delivery timelines. Should any queries or concerns arise during this stage, we will flag across to our clients when the need arises. Please feel free to reach out to us should there be any questions you may have pertaining to our quality assurance processes.)

We take such pride in our work that if a project or assignment is late or of quality below expectations (*subjected to verification), we will extend across a 10% discount on your project should the project deliveries reach you later than stipulated or be of not meeting quality expectations (**terms and conditions apply).

* We will conduct an independent verification on all feedback gathered & consolidated in regards with the translation quality. Should it be a matter of preference or choice of words used, and not substantial errors made, it will not be subjected for discount qualification.
** The following terms and conditions are applicable (and may be subjected to changes):
– full set of finalized source files has been handed over to Express Translation for their work – any delay caused by source files (late sharing or repetitive version updates) will not be under the consideration of normal timelines stipulated, with revised/ actual timelines to be discussed on a per case basis scenario;
– all relevant reference files and any prior terminologies, glossaries and/ or translation memory files that will aid in consistency and translations have been shared across with Express Translation;
– requests to modify source materials or delivery formats will be entertained but may result in a new delivery deadline, on a per case basis scenario.