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Express Translation aims to be the top translation agency not only in Singapore, but across all of Southeast Asia.

Imagine us as a worldwide logistics company, ensuring that your parcels reach you in no time and are in good conditions. That is exactly how Express Translation works internally everyday, processing its high traffic flow of projects and meeting its stakeholders’ requirements in every possible way. We process our clients’ requests as inputs, analysing in detailed depth from all aspects and breaking down the projects, its elements and its requirements into the simplest form for processing. Our clients are saved from the stringent details, and can safely entrust their project requirements onto our very hands to be tuned out and delivered across as outputs and per their every expectations. All they have to do is kick back, relax in a certain way, and await for our prompt, accurate and of quality deliveries across to them.

Here at Express Translation, we deliver and are at the centre of it all – timeliness, quality, cost efficiency and with our customers in mind. We have a focused commitment to our clients to deliver the best work across. Our logo says it all – the “Express” in red and italic, indicates speediness and our utmost urgency in handling all our clients’ requests, while the “Translation” in blue and regular font style, reflects the calmness and consistency in our translation work that are delivered across – that our clients’ responses are unanimous that our translations are of quality and had met expectations. Express Translation – a full-service translation agency in Singapore, with a team of linguistic professionals of over 30 years of translation experience – assures timely and accurate translation deliveries in the shortest and quickest turnaround possible, with the most competitive prices in the market to meet your every need and requirement. Our team compromises of veteran experts in the translation field, with an ever ready appetite for new projects and challenges to take on on a daily basis. We compromise of:

  • skilled engineers ready to utilise their knowledge and expertise on the application of the latest software tools to aid your every translation need;
  • experienced project managers with background in handling project management in translation and/ or creative fields;
  • quality assurance team personnel with experience in various languages to quality check on all possible errors in the translation work;
  • friendly and approachable sales and account management team to take in your every need, regardless of how complicated and sophisticated the request may be.

Express Translation prides itself with its expansive portfolio of work for a wide array of clients. One such regular engagement is the translation of certificates for foreign individuals looking for the application of visas, work permits or permanent residences in countries across APAC, from the foreign languages in which the foreign natives are from, into the universally accepted and understood language of English. This is usually a requirement of the approving government bodies across these countries in APAC, in order for the applications to be processed and progressed onto the next stage for approval.

We have also worked on a vast variety of materials and collateral for our clientele across a wide spectrum of industry specifics, including but not limited to finance, legal, creative/ advertising/ marketing, construction, shipping/ logistics, medical/ pharmaceutical/ healthcare and FMCG. Our portfolio of work done ranges from website localisation, training materials, powerpoint presentations, informed consent forms and others.

Our mission is to be the top translation agency not only in Singapore, but across all of South East Asia.

Express Translation is ISO-9001:2008 certified and adheres to ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials) and EN 15038 (European Standard).